Casting a shadow over the Côte

The beauty of the Riviera has long attracted visitors to its shore: the brilliant blue sea, the palm tree-lined promenades and the endless sunshine brushes this part of the world with an achingly alluring shimmer.Read more

Viewing in the winter

The winter months are traditionally fairly quiet for real estate agents, which is positively good news for property buyers, as those homes that have been on the market for some time tend to drop their prices. Also, if you are planning to buy in this region for all-year round residence, then visiting properties in winter should be considered an essential part of the buying procedure.Read more

National Identity - a necessary or risky debate?

What defines French identity? History, culture, republican ideals or the health service? The debate has begun, inspired by Nicolas Sarkozy's decision to create an Integration and National Identity Ministry handling all aspects of immigration.Read more

To ski or not to ski

There’s something about living in this part of the world that encourages me to say that I ski. I find the words slip out; after all everyone here skis over the winter, it’s simply what one does.Read more

Great sea escape at the Monte Carlo Travel Market

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VIP globetrotters will be heading to the Grimaldi Forum between 15th and 17th January for the sixth edition of the Monte Carlo Travel Market. Dream holidays to unusual, as well as exotic, locations are on offer and they span the whole range: from safaris to cruises, sophisticated spas to luxury hotels, private jets and yachts to legendary train journeys, and unique holiday lets. Of note is the new Grand Hotel on Via Veneto, Rome, and an ancient Ottoman palace in Turkey.Read more

Circus feted in photos at the Fairmont

An exhibition of striking photographs depicting life backstage at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival (pictured left) by Thierry Choquard is one of two taking place at the Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel.Read more

Quiz star superstar

Tonight, Thursday night, is quiz night at the Irish pub around the corner from my apartment in Nice. Along with Tuesday tango, Thursday quiz is the only thing in my Riviera life that gives it any sense of routine.Read more

Keeping January blues away

For those of us from colder climates, January is traditionally the worst month of the year: everyone is weary and guilt-ridden after festive excesses; the days are dark and cold. The only thing you can do is hide inside and try to avoid the sales.Read more

Mid-term doldrums: the political year of 2009 in France

A year ago, Nicolas Sarkozy was riding high, domestically and in the international arena. His handling of the crisis he had faced, as French President and chairman of the European Union in 2008, had been dynamic and popular. When war broke out between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, Sarkozy jetted to Tbilisi and Moscow to negotiate peace, making the Bush’s White House, which didn't budge, look passive.Read more

C’est les vacances!

Whether you are just visiting the Riviera or are here to stay, a sun-filled, balmy Christmas season is just around the corner. In a much breezier New York, the holiday excitement has been filling the streets for months.
Department stores have unveiled their glitzy Christmas windows - little journeys into magical worlds that usually take designers a whole year to create.Read more