Pomegranate power

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In recent years, pomegranate has become the hot new flavour for cocktails and mixed drinks. But for centuries, it has held legendary status as a 'super fruit'. The ancient Egyptians even buried their dead with pomegranates because they believed it offered eternal life. Nowadays, research shows that the unusual fruit is full of antioxidants, loaded with Vitamin C and Potassium, and helps in the fight against certain cancers.Read more

Tasty treats on the slopes

Bring back potatoes

Potatoes fell out of fashion during the low-carb diet boom a few years ago, which is too bad considering potatoes are high in vitamins B and C, potassium and fibre, as well as complex carbohydrates.Read more

Foie gras protests in UK

Pressure is mounting on one of Britain's most celebrated food stores to stop selling France's most controversial export - foie gras.Read more

Associations get new home

With work well underway on the development of the Maison des Associations, the charitable hub looks on course to open its doors to the public by spring 2012.Read more

BA support for half a century

For 50 years, the British Association has been helping British citizens and their families in need, facing hardship or in financial difficulty.Read more

Follow the coast to Italy

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Yes indeed, the hillside between Nice and the Italian border is highly developed. Nevertheless, with its dramatic sea views, this remains one of the loveliest stretches of the Côte d'Azur.Read more

Rains reveal hidden truths

Dismal, damp, cold weather with the occasional, and sometimes sustained, heavy downpour may not seem like an ideal time to view properties. But if you've seen one in lovely weather which took your fancy, now is a good time to go back and check out a few basics.Read more

13 desserts of Christmas

Lovely Lupo

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Lupo is an eight-year-old purebred German Shepperd, who is in peak condition, but also likes his quiet momentsRead more