Top chef Jacques Maximin at Maison Foissey opening in Mandelieu-la-Napoule

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In a world where supermarkets rule the roost, it is always a joy to find an independent grocer, selling a fascinating array of produce.Read more

A perfect C view

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No matter where you are, finding a cool, chic and cosmopolitan bar where a cocktail isn’t going to break the bank is worth its weight in gold. And finding an establishment like this in Monaco, the home of the super extravagant and the super expensive, is more like gold dust.Read more

Maydays and holidays

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This is the month where it all starts happening. Wash down the terrace, open up the pool, scrub down the barbecue, and start inviting people round for long, warm lunches and stress-free suppers under the stars.Read more

A first for Nice in wine fairs

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Seasoned drinkers in the area will be pleased to hear of the arrival of a fair that will bring to the Côte all the top players from France’s 13 major wine regions.Read more

Tarte Tropézienne to the UK?

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French firm, La Tarte Tropézienne, has set its sights on the UK in an ambitious attempt to expand its market outside France.Read more

Bold new concept in Apricale

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Last month, your RT correspondent set off by public transport to practise her Italian (the only phrase you need to understand at Ventimiglia railway station is in ritardo) to visit the beautiful medieval hillside village of Apricale in the Nervia valley.Read more

No word for stranger in Gorbio

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I have lived in Gorbio, just below the bridge, for 12 years. I look after dogs - Pension Milou; they live in the house, en famille, I don't have kennels or cages."Read more

Rabbit sees off Tiger

What a relief! Last month saw the arrival of the Chinese ‘Year of the Rabbit’. After the upheavals we’ve all been through in this last unlucky ‘Year of the Tiger’, the rabbit we are told ushers in a welcome period of tranquility, security, and even prosperity.Read more

Larger, rarer and older

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As we approach St Valentine’s Day, did you know that the world is facing a scarcity of its best-known aphrodisiac? Since 2008 the oysterbeds of France have been ravaged by a killer virus, basically a type of herpes. (Not nice, I know. What’s next? Clams with chlamydia?)Read more

Sniffing out a good truffle

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With the quality of black truffles reaching their peak in January, shadowy shapes of men in black capes can be spotted on early misty mornings, patrolling Provence’s oak forests with their dogs.Read more