Truffle time

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When the black Périgord truffle (commonly produced in the South of France) has its high season from January to March next year, the chances are that the harvest is going to be better than the previous one. This should keep lovers of the delectable, but expensive, fungus happy: the greater the quantity produced, the greater the price is reduced.Read more

Cheesy alternative

The cheese course is often the one that we never stop to think about when planning our festive feasting, and this recipe is particularly attractive, because it includes the fruit and nuts (les mendiants) so connected to Christmas.
Compared to a full-blown cheese board, it also feels like a fairly light course to wedge in between all those other calories.Read more

The RT joins Mougins school for a delicious day

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Last month, Zoê Roberts, Lara Virtanen and Jacob Wyborn, grade six students at Mougins School, were lucky enough to spend a morning in the kitchen at Le Mas Candille under the tutorage of the hotel’s Michelin-starred chef Serge Gouloumès.Read more

Feast of ideas

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The Big Top, aka Espace de Fontvieille, near the heliport in Monaco really comes into its own in the autumn/early winter months, starting in October with the ideal home expo known simply as the Foire. But it is the Monte-Carlo Salon Gastronomie in November that most people are waiting for; a feast for the eyes, ears, taste buds and indulging that area in our brain which is forever looking for gift ideas.Read more

Pretty in pink

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You may have seen saumonette in the fishmongers, and thought it was either a relation to salmon, because of its name, or some sort of eel, because of its length. In fact it is a member of the shark family (the Chinese use it for Shark Fin Soup), and it gets its name from its pale rose colour.Read more

Back to the country

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Beautiful villas and apartment blocks with all mod. cons. near or overlooking the Côte d'Azur have distinct advantages in summer - like not getting stuck in the traffic - when you want a quick dip in the Med.Read more

Savouring saffron

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If you were inspired by our recipe for Saffron and honey pears, then you might like to try our next saffron infused dish: Chicken Bouillabaisse.Read more

Mellow yellow magic

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Saffron's heady perfume throbs at the very heart of Provençal cooking, and historically every good wife's potager from Marseille to Orange (appropriately!) had its saffron plot, up until the 19th century when for some unknown reason it died out. Nowadays there's just one saffron farm in the whole of Provence - and that was only established nine years ago.Read more

A word on property taxes

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With the period of filling in and paying income and wealth tax returns over, the deadlines are fast approaching for the French local property taxes called taxe d'habitation and taxes foncières.Read more

Festival of funghi

Autumn is traditionally a fantastic time of year for fresh produce in Italy. At the end of the harvest season one finds markets across the northern part of the region full of mouthwatering, and deliciously priced, fruit and vegetables of the best quality.Read more