Peacemaking virus: "Brangelina" keep their vineyard in the Var

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo: ShutterstockAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reportedly want to keep their apparently flourishing southern French vineyard "Château Miraval" in Le Val near Correns (Var) according to their own statements. After their separation, they had initially wanted to sell the dreamlike estate. But it seems that the Hollywood stars have come closer again after their War of the Roses like split. Of all things, the coronavirus is said to have played a peacemaking role. Read more

UCA creates interactive world map of nature flourishing from our confinement

Rare whales play off the coast of Marseille, seagulls nest on the beaches of Nice, Corsica is visible from Valbonne, dolphins frolic in the port of Antibes: images that only the Corona crisis made possible. While the pandemic is imposing a pause on humanity, nature and the environment are reviving. The University of Côte d'Azur plans to record the positive effects of Covid-19 on a digital map of the world. It starts on Saturday - and everyone can join in!Read more

Archiman: a Nice-based men's skincare line

Archiman skincareCreated by two sisters from Nice, Archiman is a new, all-natural grooming and skincare line designed especially for men.  We introduce you to these dynamic and passionate sisters who are committed to providing men with high-quality, effective skincare products.Read more

What to watch on lockdown: Great films to revisit

Creative commons zeroHaving series fatigue? Our film critic gives her top picks to break the rut of series binging and revisit some oldies but goodies to see us through the remaining lockdown. From Soderbergh to 80’s romcoms, she covers a range of films for every taste and includes an ode to 'Wilson' which we may just appreciate a lot more now! Start the popcorn...Read more

What to watch on lockdown: Free classic films

Charlie Chaplin from 'The Kid' Creative CommonsCoronavirus has us on lockdown and our chats and message streams are filled with questions for what to watch. So we've dug up some great resources for not-so-ordinary things to see at home on the small screen. Whether you want to revisit some great classics, finally see those films you always heard of, or catch-up on that 'Best Film' list, we've found some great films available online for free.Read more

For connoisseurs: The floating penthouse conquers the Côte d'Azur

Rev House II Floating penthouseWhether out of a passion for life on the water or as an investment object: Floating apartments are finding more and more fans. With the floating penthouse "Rev House Sea II", the innovative living concept has also reached the Côte d'Azur this autumn - for purchase, rent or as an original event location.Read more

French Lessons with Frantastique

Need to improve your French but don’t have the time for classes?
"Microlearning" is the name of the tried and tested concept that 15 minutes a day is enough to quickly achieve long-term success. Frantastique, a new digital learning platform for advanced learners promises to improve your French grammar and comprehension with their new programme.Read more

The Holy Tree

In the shade of a magnificent, 200-year-old parasol pine, French former triathlete Laetitia Duhamel practises an all-inclusive, therapeutic approach to wellness.Read more

Fête des Roses at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Within one of the most splendid gardens on the French Riviera, rediscover the beauty of one of nature’s most emblematic flowers: the rose.Read more

All about ETIAS: the future of travel in Europe

Ever since the fateful vote in June 2016, questions have been asked about how Brexit will impact British citizens travelling to Europe. Now the European Commission has revealed the likely future: citizens will have to apply for special travel authorisation via the ETIAS (European Travel Information & Authorisation System) scheme.Read more