French Lessons with Frantastique

Need to improve your French but don’t have the time for classes?
"Microlearning" is the name of the tried and tested concept that 15 minutes a day is enough to quickly achieve long-term success. Frantastique, a new digital learning platform for advanced learners promises to improve your French grammar and comprehension with their new programme.Read more

The Holy Tree

In the shade of a magnificent, 200-year-old parasol pine, French former triathlete Laetitia Duhamel practises an all-inclusive, therapeutic approach to wellness.Read more

Fête des Roses at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Within one of the most splendid gardens on the French Riviera, rediscover the beauty of one of nature’s most emblematic flowers: the rose.Read more

All about ETIAS: the future of travel in Europe

Ever since the fateful vote in June 2016, questions have been asked about how Brexit will impact British citizens travelling to Europe. Now the European Commission has revealed the likely future: citizens will have to apply for special travel authorisation via the ETIAS (European Travel Information & Authorisation System) scheme.Read more

On the trail of the Niçois snowflake

Monaco’s Department for the Environment is calling on botanists of all abilities as it tries to track down the elusive Nivéole de Nice (Latin name: acis nicaeensis, English name: French snowflake).Read more

Corsica: escape the continent

When an allusion of the weather allowed us to see the blue silhouettes of Cap Corse in the early winter, it seemed as though the island was within touching distance. Its dramatic natural geography, however, stands it worlds apart. Read more

A place called Mountain

As we approach the village from the south, it appears out of a cloudy haze that has followed us from the coast. The 17th century fort, which was built by Louis de Lombard on foundations laid down 800 years earlier, and the church steeple mark Gourdon’s highest points. They give this feudal village a sense of majesty and dominance over the rocky prospect.Read more

Between sky & sea

There’s hardly anywhere in the French Riviera as inviting during the winter months as Théoule-sur-Mer, where deep red rock framed by sky and sea echoes memories of warm summer sunlight.Read more

Club Vivanova’s 2018 Luxury Lifestyle Gala

Join Club Vivanova for the benefit of the Foundation of Prince Albert II of Monaco, Chances for Children and TAF The Animal Fund in the presence of over 400 VIP partners, club members and friends (including an eclectic group of ambassadors and distinguished international business leaders) for a black-tie charity gourmet gala dinner with fashion and musical entertainment at the five-star Fairmont Monte Carlo on Saturday 10th March 2018.Read more

Toulon Airport announces Geneva link

When summer arrives, will you be heading for the beach or the freshness of the mountains? If it’s the latter, you’ll be happy to hear that, for the first time, Aéroport Toulon Hyères will be operating bi-weekly SWISS flights between the Var and Geneva from June to September (in addition to the current weekly Air France flight).Read more