Top tennis pros to Nice

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After fifteen years without a whiff of a professional tennis ball whizzing through the air, the ATP has finally decided to pay Nice a visit. The Association of Tennis Professionals have announced that the "Open de Nice" will take place from the 17th to 22nd May 2010, just one week before the French Open.Read more

Nice candidate for Euro 2016

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It may have a long way to go, but the giant stadium under construction near Nice airport at Saint-Isidore on the Côte d’Azur is one of 12 selected for France’s candidature for the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships. It is excellent news for the 158 million euro project which has been dogged by controversy and is now due to be completed by June 2013.Read more

Mixed fortunes for Riviera football clubs

An epic five-all draw in the French football championships at the weekend with Lyon may not have improved Olympique Marseille’s position much, but it will come as a relief to under-pressure coach, Didier Deschamps.Read more

Want to register on our new websites? Read on...

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It’s not rocket science: just follow the instructions below...Read more

Calling all sports fans

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Nice is gearing up for a busy weekend of sporting action this weekend with the start of the biggest regatta in the world tomorrow and the second-biggest marathon in France taking place on Sunday.Read more

The sunshine run

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At 8am on the 8th of November, 10,000 athletes will congregate on Nice's Promenade des Anglais and wait, with nervous anticipation, for the sound of a starter gun. When they get the nod, both professional and amateur runners will set off from the starting blocks for the second Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes.Read more

Competition hits the high seas at long last

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The inauguration of the first Louis Vuitton Trophy will take place in Nice on the 7th of November. Eight teams have registered to compete in the regatta, sailing on the same yachts that formerly competed in the America's Cup, a competition that has been on hold for the past two years.Read more

In a puff of smoke

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Dive into the world of the fantastical, and witness the impossible take place before your very eyes.Read more

Monaco makes Marseille miserable

Monaco clinched an important away win against Marseille in their Ligne 1 match on Sunday. The 2-1 defeat rubbed salt into the wound for Marseille who had been, on the Wednesday before, thrashed 3-0 in the Champions League by Real Madrid.Read more

Changing of the guard

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Walk into the office at Stade des Arboras and one immediately gets the impression that Nice Rugby Club is riding on the crest of a wave, propelled by a sense of purpose and belief. There are positive vibes coming from every direction and the word “change” lingers in the air. One suspects they’ve been taking lessons from Barak Obama; and who could blame them: look where the power of change got him.Read more