Tuiga: the flagship of the Yacht Club de Monaco

Contemporaries of King Alfonso XIII of Spain did not consider him to be a particularly good politician, but few could teach him much about sailing. In 1909, when he was only 23 years of age, the greatgrandfather of current Spanish King Felipe commissioned a yacht from probably the most famous boat builder in Europe at the time: William Fife in Fairlie, Scotland. The vessel was to be constructed in compliance with the so-called International Rule in the 15mR class and measuring around 20 metres in length. Needless to say, he named the yacht Hispania (D5/ESP1).Read more

Vauban 21

For more than 2,000 years, Antibes’ Port Vauban has captured the imaginations of the people who have passed through its marina walls. It is now set to enter a new chapter in its history under a new manager whose ambitions go far beyond superficial renovations. Riviera Insider meets with Director of Port Vauban Franck Dosne to learn more about his vision for a living port ‘that works with and for the community’.Read more

Saint Tropez's Ladies Regatta

The 7th edition of the annual St. Tropez Ladies Regatta will take place from 5th to 7th May. To accommodate the huge demand for the race, the committee has had to increase the number of competing sailboats from eighteen to twenty four!Read more