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Advice from Anahataflow

After the warmer summer months of the Pitta phase, the cool and airy Vata period —which lasts until January — begins in October.

In order to keep body and mind in healthy balance, it is important to reduce Vata and avoid foods and behaviours that add to the typically cold dosha. For all doshas: keep yourself warm and treat yourself to rest! It is best to drink a lot of hot drinks during the day, such as fresh ginger tea. Indulge in a warm breakfast, stews and generally oily and nutritious food; sweet, sour and salty represent the cold and dryness found in Vata. It is crucial to eat regularly because the active and variable Vata needs routine and stability. Create daily habitual activities with relaxing walks during the day and a soothing meditation before going to sleep. Warm baths harmonise Vata as well as body massages with essential oils, such as sesame. In order to soothe the dosha, a lighter environment can also be helpful: Vata reacts positively to sunlight and cheerful colours.