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Antoine Pierini glass exhibition in Monaco


Antione Pierini exhibition at Monte Carlo BayThe renowned Biot glass artist, Antoine Perini will exhibit at the Monte Carlo Bay Hôtel & Resort in Monaco the until 30th of September.  

Antoine Pierini was born in Antibes in 1980, growing up at the shores of the Mediterranean. But the artist left the waterfront for Biot, the center of French art glass production, renown all over the world. 

Beyond his beautiful atelier and permanent gallery in Biot, Pierini is taking his show to the Monte-Carlo Hôtel & Resort to showcase his most famous sculptures, viewable until 30 September. The exhibition is named “Voyages en Méditerranée”. An exhibition that promises to make visitors travel through the French Riviera with unique, minimalist and modern pieces, as well as historical pieces. 

Antione Pierini exhibition at Monte Carlo BayTravelling throughout different themes of the Mediterranean cultural heritage, which is Antoine Pierini’s continuing source of inspiration, the artist follows an artistic path where themes such as “Voyages en méditerranée” appears as a thread running through most of his creations, as a common pattern. He focuses on a sculptural world, his art and his passion for glass stand out as the artist imagines fascinating pieces, in their different colors and forms as well.   

“My work introduces people to a new world and new spaces in time. These pieces are alive in a certain way. I would like my art to challenge and engage people, to generate strong emotions,” Antoine Pierini says describing his work.

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