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Attestation form now available digitally


Digital attestationAs part of the containment measures, Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, announces the availability of a digital system for certifying exceptional movements, in addition to the paper system, which is still valid. This service will be available online on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.


The new system was made active Monday, 6 April at 8 am.

Its main objectives are as follows:

-For the general public: to provide a new simple and secure means of producing the certificate;

-For law enforcement agencies: to ensure secure control through the ability to remotely read the information on the document by scanning a QR Code.

The form available on the Ministry of the Interior's website enables information to be entered concerning identity, address, the reason for leaving, the date and time. 

A PDF file containing all the information and the image of the form is then generated. This document automatically includes a QR Code containing all the data from the form, as well as the date and time of the generation of the document. This QR code must be made visible during a control using a smartphone or a digital tablet.

This service does not process personal data. It is a faithful translation of the declaration in paper format: no data 

entered is transmitted to the Government's servers. The data entered is only used to generate the certificate in digital form locally on the user's device.

Digital attestation form

This service is accessible on any type of mobile terminal (smartphone or tablet) through a relatively recent browser 

This online form was preferred to the creation of an app which would require users to download from mobile platform stores. The form solution seemed simpler to use for the majority of people and makes it easier to update the certificate should it evolve.and it has been designed to be easily usable by people with disabilities, applying the rules defined by the RGAA (General Accessibility Reference System for Administrations).

Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, explained his reasons for the initial delay in making the form available digitally. In a press release, he stated:

“In the early days of the confinement, I refused the digital attestation solutions that had quickly emerged on the Internet, because they did not protect personal data. because they increased the risk of fraud. It was a question of implementing containment and enforcing it.

Two weeks later, the issues and principles of containment seem to be understood and generally respected by the French. I therefore decided to authorise the implementation of a digital system. It is intended to be flexible without calling into question the very strict respect for containment that the health situation in our country continues to impose. 

Developed by teams from the Ministry of the Interior, this device is effective against fraud, because it shows the time of the creation of the form. It is protective of personal data because no data storage is carried out. It respects barrier gestures, finally, by allowing the police to check the certificate without manipulating the mobile phone or tablet of the person being checked.”

The new digital certificate can be made here: 


If you need the attestation in English, a version of the document* with English translations is available to download: 
*Please note this is not the form that will give you the QR code.