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Cannes Festival de l’Art Russe

Festival de l'Art RusseCannes is the home of many festivals through the year, this time around Cannes will welcome the Festival de l’Art Russe from the 23rd to the 27th of August. 

For this 2019 edition of the Festival de l’Art Russe, Cannes will welcome a wide range of different artists in an eclectic program that perfectly depicts the evolution of art and craft in Russia. While introducing new and emerging artists, the Festival will also give people a glimpse into Russian culture and folklore through various events. Indeed, the Festival will bring people closer to the famous, endearing but complex “Russian soul”. 

Throughout the whole Festival, “Les 100 ans de l’Institut national de la cinématographie S.A. Guerassimov (VGIK)” will be showcased in the Palais des Festivals. The exhibition is composed of costumes, photos, paintings, independent films extracted from one of the oldest cinema schools in the world. In fact, the Moscow based school was opened in 1919 by Vladirmir Gardine. The school was owned by the former USSR and in 1986 it took the name of the famous actor and director Sergueï Guerassimov. This international school trained and influenced many of the great Russian directors such as Alexandre Sokourov, Andreï Tarkovski or Nikita Mikhlalkov.    

On the 26th of August, the Palais des Festivals pays tribute to Russian great cinema masters, as well as young talents and award winners from VGIK. Among the screenings are seven short movies, an animated film from Stanislas Sokolov and a feature film from Boris Okopov. A series of concerts are also taking place at 8 pm each day during the Festival, with artists from the Gnessime Academy, in collaboration with Cannes Conservatoire. The Ingouche Ballet will perform on the 23rd of August at the Palais des Festivals. This ballet will highlight traditional and antique dances from the Ingouche, a people who lived in the northern part of the Caucase, between northern Ossetia and Chechnya. Other nights will show Russian performers from Ballet to concerts and the Bal des fous or Bal du Cosmos, an event organised by the city of Cannes on the 25th of August.


- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle