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Cannes relaunches its #Helpcommerces scheme for small business



Consistently working to help the small businesses, Cannes has relaunched the successful and supportive initiative, #HelpCommerces. From the first weeks of confinement, last April, the Cannes City Hall had set up the innovative and concrete economic and social support system to accompany the independent tradesmen and craftsmen of Cannes, severely impacted by the health crisis linked to Covid-19.

Within the framework of the national reconfinement announced by the Government on Wednesday 28th October 2020 and in order to continue this economic and social support initiative for shopkeepers and craftsmen, David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, is relaunching the #Helpcommerces scheme. Thus, the Cannes City Council is renewing its appeal for financial donations from individuals and companies wishing to help the shopkeepers.

The purpose of the #Helpcommerces operation initiated by the municipality is to collect private financial donations in order to make purchases from local shops currently closed to the public and then redistribute them to fragile and precarious people. This is a simple, innovative and concrete action to try to curb the economic and social disaster caused by the health crisis.

Furthermore, the Cannes City Council continues to support the economic and social victims of the health crisis after the cessation of numerous activities linked in particular to the events and tourism sectors by providing them with a municipal support unit which can be contacted on 0805 38 23 23 or by e-mail at

As a reminder, during the first phase of this municipal scheme, several solidarity operations were organised, including:

- The purchase of chocolates on the occasion of the Easter holidays to revitalise the activity of local chocolate and confectionery makers. This order, for a total amount of €7,630, was placed with 10 shops in Cannes and was distributed to the elderly in all the Ehpad, independent living and assisted living residences, as well as to the CCAS staff, i.e. 1,442 residents and 585 carers and supervisors.

- The purchase of lily of the valley for May 1st. This order of 4,535 bouquets, for a total amount of €23,889.50, was placed with 12 florists in Cannes and then delivered to the residents of the Ehpad, independent living and assisted living residences, their carers and care staff, including those from the CCAS, the Simone Veil Hospital in Cannes and the Oxford Clinic, which is mobilised to take in patients in support of the public hospital. In total, 1,520 residents and 3,015 nursing staff received their traditional sprig of lily of the valley. 

- The purchase of basic and essential clothing (men and women) to support the clothing sector. This order of 1,712 pieces, for a total amount of €35,700, was placed with 11 shops in Cannes, each of which received an average turnover of €3,248.25. These clothes were distributed to the homeless and to 300 vulnerable people monitored by the CCAS.

- The purchase of books from the independent bookshop "Autour d'un livre" in Cannes. This order for a total amount of €3,000 made it possible to offer 157 books to isolated people via the CCAS.

To participate in the initiative, contact the city of Cannes and formulate your donation offer to the municipal address:

- Marina Carvalho