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Club Vivanova Bolinas Grill & Wine Dinner Party


Club Vivanova Bolinas Grill & Wine Dinner PartyClub Vivanova comes back with an exclusive event organised at the Marriott Riviera Hotel in Cap d’Ail on Thursday, 1 August. This event carries on the club’s tradition of promoting new businesses and opportunities to its member, while enjoying a full buffet dinner and very special South African wines.

Once more in the beating heart of the French Riviera, Club Vivanova organises a very exclusive and special events for its members. Vivanova club members and guests will be welcomed at the newly renovated Marriott Riviera Hotel on the Cap d’Ail port offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean. The party will be punctuated by fine wine tasting and an Endless Summer DJ set from the club’s partner, Radio Yacht.  

Guests will dine from an international buffet with a selection of eight appetizers along with a grilled meat and seafood buffet which will be accompanied by vegetarian side dishes and potatoes. The dinner will feature premium South African SAAM Mountain wines: a Sauvignon Blanc (white wine) and a Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine) and end with a selection of four desserts. This event will start at 8 pm on the hotel’s private seafront terrace, allowing the attending audience to take in the breathtaking scenery over the Port of Cap d’Ail and Monaco.  

Club Vivanova grants 69 euros tickets to it members, instead of a 95 euros ticket value sold by the organising partners. The good news is that people can still attend the event if they are not a Club Vivanova member but early reservations are recommended. It is important to note that the Club changed its application system, with three memberships levels: individual, corporate and platinum. 

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- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle