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Club Vivanova Summer Events


Club Vivanova Summer Rosé Party - Chateau de la Chèvre d'OrClub Vivanova organises several events throughout the year to promote new businesses opportunities to its members. The club has cemented its role as the leading international business networking and premium gourmet wine club on the French Riviera. 

Even if Vivanova is based in the Principality of Monaco, the club organises events each month in different locations on the beautiful southern coast of France, but also in Italy and even Germany. It brings together various group of dynamic professionals with different focuses to broaden the club’s perspectives. Culture and wine makes a perfect combo. That is why Vivanova offers to its international partners, a very good service of fine wine selection.

Moreover, Club Vivanova makes a point to let its international members enjoy extraordinary experiences. The next two events are coming up on July 18 and July 20. The first one will be held at the exclusive Club Thirty Nine Terrace in Monte Carlo from 7 to 9 pm on July 18. Club Vivanova offers a summer rosé wine party with Bucket 2018 Languedoc Summer Rosé and featuring a DJ set from the club corporate partner Radio Yacht. Tickets are still available for members at 25 euros, 50 euros for non-members. 

At the end of the month, on July 20 another event will take place in collaboration with Eden Mill Gin. This time the cocktail party will be held at the Master Sportclub RivaRossa in Piemonte, Italy, from midday to 10 pm. Everything is organised so the members can simply turn up, enjoy the moment, dance and have fun while still being surrounded by professionals - which enables networking and business opportunities as well.

Plus, other events will take place in August and September as well, in Cap d’Ail on August 1st, Berlin on August 14 and September 11, as well as St Tropez on September 21 and back to Monte Carlo on September 27 with the annual Summer Yacht Show Party. 

For more information on these events and purchase tickets visit the website:

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle