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Cuisine Cannoise en Fete

The cold chill of winter will soon be a thing of the past, and the colours and smells of the Côte d’Azur in spring are fast approaching. Time to stop making excuses for staying indoors, and get out there and see the best of what our region has to offer!

For one whole week, from the 17th March to 24th March, Cannes and the surrounding area will be home to the Cuisine Cannoise en Fete run by the organisation Les Gourmets de Cannes. An extravaganza of colours, flavours and smells, this seven day event promises to be a foodie’s heaven, with nearly 60 local restaurants celebrating local Cannes cuisine.

Every day during this taste-bud tantalising week, local chefs will work together with the merchants of Marché Forville, showcasing their talents while re-inventing authentic ‘Cannoise’ cuisine. Over 50 chefs from the area will be taking part in this event, where they will be tasked with creating their own menu or dish, using only local fare. Each unique dish or three course formule will be named in honour of the local area, a nod to the landscape and places from where the ingredients came. Such dishes as Soupe de Poissons de Roche de la Baie de Cannes, Soupe au Pistou de Sainte Marguerite and Bouillabaise Forville de Filets de Saint Pierre among many others.

From 10am on Saturday 17th, Marché Forville will be transformed into a gastronomic paradise, with tasting sessions, workshops and a plethora of food welcoming the public until 1pm. But what is food without drink? Fear not, as delectable wines will be exhibited by the Barbossi Domaine from Mandelieu, and also from the Monks of the Lerin Abbey.

The Cuisine Cannoise en Fete is not just restricted to Cannes, with restaurants in surrounding Mandelieu, Le Cannet, La Bocca and Mougins also taking part in this not to be missed event. With so many restaurants and culinary artists taking part in proceedings, there really is something for everybody to indulge in. A voyage of flavours highlighting the diversity and versatility of the region’s produce, from sea urchins from the Lerin Islands to cheesecake made from goat’s cheese from Mouans Sartoux.

The culinary spectacle will be presided over by Cannes-born two star Michelin chef Christian Sinicropi as well as Marché Forville regular Stéphane Raimbault, the chef of the Oasis restaurant in Mandelieu - also adorned with two Michelin stars.

For more information about the Cuisine Cannoise en Fete and to see the full list of the restaurants participating, check out the following website:


Lewis Longman