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Do you know this street?

Léon Gambey's painting of a street in the south of France has caught the imagination of the region.A painting by late artist León Gambey (1883 to 1914) has caught the imagination of the Côte d’Azur after the Blog de Vieux Nice posted a photograph of the artwork online and asked its readers to help identify the street it portrays.

Believed to be a ruelle - small street - in the Vieux Nice, the painting pictures a scene that is at once a snapshot of the past and also a familiar sight to anyone who has spent time in the old, cobbled streets of Provence. 

Blogger Alex Benvenuto is asking readers to write in and help him locate the exact spot that Léon Gambey set up his easel and so far, the suggestions have been quite unexpected…

From Menton’s Rue Mattoni (the most likely candidate) to a street in Villefranche and another over the border in Italy’s Bordighera, the internet may yet have the answer.