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Enjoy the summer series: Beeftro - Plage 45 Grand Hôtel de Cannes


Beeftro - Plage 45 Grand Hôtel de Cannes The “Beeftro” is the newest location of Monaco’s Beefbar restaurant, in Cannes. This time around the restaurant takes up its summer quarters on the Plage 45 of the Grand Hôtel de Cannes, offering a new location and the best American and Australian meat specialties.

A mix between Beef and Bistrot, pun-intended “Beeftro” was created by Riccardo Giraudi. The chef blended a “bistronomique” theme with a menu that offers the best meat-cutting and a selection of street food meals, with always the best quality products. Riccardo Giraudi also wanted to break away from the traditional “corporate” image of a steakhouse to make it a little bit glamorous. On the menu, truffle pizza, Black Angus carpaccio, beef or tuna tartare, homemade guacamole, empanadas, ceviche, tiradito, wagyu tataki, croque monsieur and club sandwich, all of this served with truffle French fries or vegetables. Beeftro’s stars are the meat, and only the best, coming from all over the world; such an exceptional rib steak with delicious mashed potatoes.     

Beeftro welcomes its customers in a casual beach atmosphere between tradition and modernity. Noble surfaces meet exclusive design on this glamorous private beach. For lunch you can choose between a double cheeseburger and its either traditional, truffle or jalapeno dressing, the Angus Tagliata or the Beeftro Bowl either with beef, tuna or chicken. At night, you will be able to admire the boats on the bay of Cannes and relax to the sound of a DJ, navigating between Barry White’s classics and Toto. For dinner, take some time to appreciate the view in front of the Mediterranean on those long summer evenings. In this casual atmosphere, the restaurant offers one of the best Black Angus cuts from the United States as well as rare Wagyu beef from Australia which is so tender it can be cut with a butter knife. To complete this menu, chef Giraudi cooks various starters, fish and pastas, but all with a surprising twist, which makes it special.

-       Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle