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Andy Warhol's MarylinAndy Warhol's MarylinAndy Warhol's Marylin

Andy Warhol's MarylinAs exclusive as it is engaging and as impressive as it is inspiring, this July will see the Grimaldi Forum’s prominent international art fair offer a raw insight into the complex world of fine and antique art with a remodelled vision and a brand new name.

Point Art Monaco has boldly become the European Art Fair Monaco in the hopes of expanding its prominence as a leading cultural calendar date for collectors, investors and amateurs alike. Despite being only in its sixth year, this fledgling exhibitor-based event has already built up a solid reputation in old and modern art, objets d’art and collectors’ items thanks to its prestigious connections.

“The European Art Fair Monaco wants to promote the best of what humanity has created in the world of art - era notwithstanding,” say organisers, “and our show’s goal is to focus more than ever on an offer as selective as it is prestigious in an event overseen by the largest international collectors and museums.”

Working with a handpicked list of exhibitors linked to leading art and cultural institutions across the globe - think of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art of New York, and Milan’s Pinacoteca di Brera - the art fair and its exhibits enjoy a certain ‘international legitimacy’ as a worthy focus point of artistic excellence and diversity.

“Open to all art lovers, we seek to open up fresh perspectives on classified art: art that is museum-quality art in the main genres of the fine and decorative arts from painting to sculpture, works on paper, period furniture and designer jewellery,” says the organisers. “Like an imaginary museum of styles and periods, the European Art Fair Monaco is designed to be a walk amidst dreamlike and perfectly conserved objects, with a balanced offer of traditional pieces.”

This year will also see the European Art Fair Monaco pair up with Jewels of the World once again to host an extraordinary display of the finest designer and precious jewellery. This collaboration has become an immensely successful driver of the event’s success and distinction among similar shows through its ability to surprise and awe even the most knowledgeable of visitors.

Among this year’s artistic exhibits are Andy Warhol’s ‘Marylin’ courtesy of the Galerie Adriano Ribolzi, Alvise Vivarini’s ‘Benediction of Christ’ from the Maison d’Art and Gaspare Vanvitelli’s ‘Naples, a view of the Riviera di Chiaia’ thanks to the Cesare Lampronti Gallery.

While many will come to simply admire the beauty and majesty of the works on show at the 2016 edition, there will no doubt be others looking among the exhibits for the ideal investment piece. Since its inception, the fair has worked tirelessly to become a place to discover new and emerging market trends, and to facilitate communication between global dealers and their clients.

“The Principality of Monaco, a coveted marketplace to say the least, perfectly reflects globalisation and the art market’s new potential in the 21st century,” says director of the event Renaud Siegmann, a renowned art historian and critic. “There are nearly 50 million millionaires in the world, including approximately 600,000 buyers who invest an average of 10% of their long-term secured assets in art works, many of whom are resident in Monaco.”

In 2015, the global art market was valued at over 50 billion euros - a figure that passed all previous benchmarks in the industry. According to Siegmann: “Major private dealers, closely followed by the first-class auction houses, accounted for half the sales in figures. The presence of first-rate auction houses in Monaco, and the fact that others come here to hold their summer auctions, attests to the principality’s appeal as an area where [art] has always made news.”

The European Art Fair Monaco will be held from 20th to 24th July at the Grimaldi Forum from 3pm until 9pm each day, with special late opening hours on 21st July until 10pm. The event coincides with current Francis Bacon exposé (on display until 4th September) and special combinations tickets for both exhibitions can be purchased for 16 euros.