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European music in the 17th and 18th centuries

The Ensemble Baroque de Nice. Copyright Lionel BouffierThe magnificent Ensemble Baroque de Nice is entering a new, musical season; this time under the title Airs de Famille. During the Baroque era, artists’ rights had not yet been protected - each inspired the works of the other and plagiarism was not yet something scorned.

For 2016/17, Nice’s Ensemble Baroque has traced how musical themes and trends circulated in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The programme includes artists such as Vivaldi, who worked extensively in Amsterdam, Handel, who lived temporarily in Italy and ended his career in London, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

From the Chapelle du Saint-Suaire in the city, the 400th birthday of perhaps history’s most famous writer Shakespeare with Shakespeare et la musique on 18th November at 8.30 pm and 20th November at 4.30 pm. In December, the last concerts of the year (9th and 11th December at 8.30pm and 4.30 pm respectively in the Chapelle du Saint-Suaire) follow with Corelli's Sonata da Chiesa op.V.