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Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique

Each summer, the waters of the Baie de Cannes burn brightly under the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art. Welcoming illumination masters from across the world, the festival unites the finest in firework creativity and flare.

On Thursday 14th July, the Mexican team will treat spectators at the free event to a show on the theme ‘Mexico through the ages’. Italy follows on Thursday 21st July with ‘Life is Beautiful’. ‘Conquering the rough northern seas’ will be masterfully put into fire by Finland on Friday 29th July with France’s équipe organising ‘Abracadabra, the magic’ on Sunday 7th August. The final two displays will take place on Monday 15th August with a symphonic showing by Australia and the Czech Republic’s ‘Straight to the heart’ on Wednesday 24th August.