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Finding the right private health insurance for expats


Photo by Megane Salmon, via 1514267672599People who travel often, whether privately or professionally, move abroad, leave their home country to study or commute between different places of residence should consider private international health insurance. However, the many options and providers can make finding the right coverage a difficult and confusing process.

Navigating international health coverage plans can be very confusing and often pricey, but David Eline of Riviera Expat, an insurance broker with offices in the Riviera and Paris, has developed a simple programme to find the right plan for you and your international lifestyle. 

"If you value your health, it should be worth it," he tells Riviera Insider. "Especially in times when health systems are reaching their financial limits and benefits are being cut rather than extended."

Originally from Cannes, he has himself spent most of his professional life abroad and knows what he is talking about. Health insurance coverage is not at the same level in all countries. Those with international health insurance are free to choose where and by whom they want to be treated, including in their home country. Payments are made at the actual cost of treatment, regardless of the rate of reimbursement by a statutory health insurance scheme.

The insurance coverage provided by an international insurance company is in many areas more comprehensive than normal foreign health insurance. Preventive care, vaccinations, pregnancy, dental prostheses, etc. are among the standard benefits of good insurance coverage.

Riviera Expat's David ElineAt the same time, David Eline's motto is: "Quality is more important than price, but you can expect the corresponding value for your money." 

How do you find the right insurer for your personal needs amongst the jungle of providers?

Professional help from a specialist is essential, but there are differences here too. In order to be able to offer his customers the best possible product, David Eline has developed an online comparison tool for "Riviera Expat", which has been impressing insurers, private customers and competitors alike for five years now – and has won several awards. According to a star system, "My-Matchmaker" compares the insurance services of the largest and best-known insurance companies worldwide - including Allianz, Globality and Cigna. Depending on which services are particularly important or less important to you and the budget for the premium, the tool filters out the best suggestions for the customer.

Those who have found their preferred insurance partner via the tool are contacted by Riviera Expat within 24 hours. "Our advice is free of charge and the insurance policy costs the same as if the customer contacted the insurance company directly," explains the broker.

He is also happy to visit his customers on site: "I appreciate the direct contact - at least before Corona it was like that," says David Eline. In detailed discussions, now also by telephone or video conference, he taps into important questions and requirements, either in English or French: the more David Eline knows about the customer, the more precisely the insurance coverage can be tailored. "For example, we know which insurers accept people with type-1 diabetes - to give just one example," explains the expert.

Riviera Expat has clients all over the world, including Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Venezuela and France, and in all kinds of industries - from pilots to yacht captains. David Eline promises: "We find insurance coverage for every situation worldwide."

Price examples for private international health insurance (annually):































1Bachelor (aged 25) : Hospitalisation only; 
2Couple (aged 35 & 32) : Hospitalisation, Out-patient, Dental, Maternity; 
3Family (aged 47, 42, 10 & 7) : Hospitalisation, Out-patient, Dental; 
4Retired Couple (aged 68 & 63) : Hospitalisation, Out-patient


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