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First Grasse International Perfume and Arts Festival


Grasse (c) Alexa Bouhelier-RuelleThe first International Perfume and Arts Festival takes place in Grasse from 19 July to 28 July. Exhibitions, concerts and tributes are organised all over the town, immersing Grasse into the fantasy world of “Alice in Wonderland”. 

Grasse welcomes for the first time ever, the International Perfume and Arts Festival. Like a thread through the week of festivities, Grasse pays tribute to dreaming, fantasies and History with a big H. “Grasse in Wonderland” is a ten-day exhibition throughout the whole town, through perfume houses, shows and street arts. People can enter the historical city and forget about the world for a day, through hidden places, roaming the streets and gardens on the footsteps of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the 18th-century French orphan who became a talented perfumer and followed a tragic path when he met a young girl with a beautiful but peculiar scent. You guessed it! The only rules are to celebrate perfume, free your imagination and enjoy a scented nap in one of Grasse’s many city gardens. 

The first festival takes place in Grasse as the town is considered the world’s capital of perfume and was made Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (town of art and history). After two years of renovations, the International Perfume Museum has reopened with the exhibition “La fabuleuse Histoire de l’Eau de Cologne” (which you can read about in our latest issue), introducing one of the most famous perfumes, Eau de Cologne. The exhibition takes you through the years from Antiquity to our modern days.

On 24 July, the Festival will honor a perfumer with the intern-perfumer prize among the students from the Ecole Supérieure de Parfum and the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, as they all made a unique perfume for this first International Festival, matching the theme Alice in WonderlandGrasse International Perfume and Arts Festival

Moreover, each day different artists will offer free concerts throughout the whole town. From classical to more jazzy tunes, Grasse will vibrate to the rhythms of violin, guitars and piano alike. During those ten days of festivities in Grasse people will be able to not only stroll around town, but take in all the stories of this historical place. 

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle