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French Lessons with Frantastique



Need to improve your French but don’t have the time for classes? "Microlearning" is the name of the tried and tested concept that 15 minutes a day is enough to quickly achieve long-term success. Frantastique, a new digital learning platform for advanced learners promises to improve your French grammar and comprehension with their new programme. Lessons are sent by e-mail and adapt to the level of each individual - and never get boring thanks to their humorous, interactive and practical presentation.

Complex French grammar is learning with the help of Victor Hugo - brought back to life after being thawed out of ice - and a gang of aliens curious to know more about French culture. Original videos, music and comics tell the story, and you answer questions and fill in the blanks.

Each working day, users receive an e-mail with tasks that can be completed in ten minutes. After sending the completed answer sheet, a reply with corrections and explanations returns just a few seconds later. Daily delicacy: a "café gourmand" with extra information on a French-speaking celebrity.

Before and after the start of a course, the level of each participant is determined and certified according to the European standard levels (from A1 for beginners to C2 for experts).

By the way, "Frantastique" is not suitable for complete beginners: in order to be able to work sensibly, at least basic knowledge is expected. Also because of its business-oriented orientation, the programme is aimed at pupils over the age of 15 and adults. One version is also aimed at native French speakers.

The Riviera Insider team has tested the programme and found it enjoyable and instructive. We all learned something in the first lesson! We have partnered with Frantastique to offer readers a 1-month free trial period, with an assessment of their individual language level. And for each subscriber, Riviera Insider earns a little too, which helps us! 

Et voilà - challenge yourself: The price for the online language course ranges from €21 to €89 euros per month, depending on the duration of the commitment and the scope of the service. 

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