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Getting going with Pura Vida

While it may seem that new and exciting food trucks are increasingly ubiquitous, being able to navigate through the incessant red tape and actually start the venture is rather hard work.

Friends Aude Declerq and Alexandra Weitten have been working relentlessly to put the wheels in motion for their new business, Pura Vida. From their 1980 Renault  stafette, the duo will be serving up Buddha Bowls, which Aude describes as ‘a nourishing meal that's just a little bit of  verything: a mix of grains, a smattering of protein, and an assortment of vegetables’.

Unlike most food trucks, Pura Vida  will be serving up exclusively cold dishes: “All our ingredients will be  fresh, local and organic wherever possible.” While  Pura Vida opened its doors – or is that windows? – on 6th June in Antibes’ Port Vauban, the journey to get there was anything but smooth.
“The French administration is quite difficult,” says Aude, with a telling emphasis on quite’. “They need documents for everything: car registration, food hygiene, alcohol licence and much more.”

The pair also had to attend a week of training to earn their self-employed status. “We had to cancel events,” she laments. “Everything took so long!” But despite the exasperating experience to get Pura Vida on the road, the concept of healthy and fresh food on the move seems to be going down well. “We have been lucky so far,” says Aude. “Bookings are filling up quickly for private events and weddings, and we went to the Vintage Festival in La Colle sur Loup in mid-June.”

The great adventure has begun. You can follow Pura Vida via Facebook @puravidacafefoodtruck