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Grasse honours the jasmin flower

The hometown of perfume will celebrate, this August, one of the most prominent floral contributors to its success: Grasse honours the jasmine flower at the Fête du Jasmin. 

On Friday 5th August at 10pm there will be a stunning firework show visible from all areas of the town, followed by an evening of dancing with Joe Mendes from 10.30pm on the Cours Honore Cresp.

Throughout the next day, the historical centre of Grasse will become a haven of Provence traditions with shows, dancing and music. That evening, the Cours Honore Cresp will be transformed into a grand stage with a floral parade, acrobatic dancing and even a water show using jasmine water by the local pompiers!

Sunday 7th August, the final day of the celebrations, will commence with an open air mass in the Jardins de la Princesse Pauline at 10am. Events and exhibitions will take place throughout the day, culminating in a theatrical performance by Olivea at 6.30pm in the gardens of the Villa Fragonard Museum. 

  1. L'eau des mystères. Comme un souffle de lumière qui décrit la chanson j'écoute, dans la mer, la fraîche harmonie et une rime silencieuse. Francesco Sinibaldi