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Great cultural events in Cannes for the summer


The outlook for summer events was very 'iffy' as we came out of confinement, but as things are reopening and our numbers are good, Cannes wasted no time to launch their official summer programme. On 25 June, members of Cannes city council along with Mayor David Lisnard, presented "Sous le Soleil - Différement", a thorough and eclectic cultural events agenda 'different' from the usual, prepared for public safety and distance requirements but still bringing us together for culture, music and art.  

Mayor David Lisnard (on the mic) and celebrated photographer, Nikos Aliagas (left of him) as well as employees of the cultural department of the city of Cannes presented the 2020 summer program. Photo: AS

"Since March we have been considering what this summer could look like," said Mayor David Lisnard as he opened the press conference on the Cannes cultural program for the summer season. The solution is to let as much as possible take place outdoors - with smaller audiences than usual. There will be music, dance and exhibitions like every summer, with mainly local artists. Only the popular fireworks festival and the Plages électroniques in their original form have to be omitted, both events that otherwise attract thousands to the Croisette.

Here is a listing of the highlights, which is also available in our current issue. For the full programme of events, make sure to visit

**Also bear in mind that everything is subject to change based on health orders.  



2 July to 23 August

The Ciné-quartier screenings: 17 free open-air film screenings

10 pm Thursdays at Place du Marché de la Bocca and Fridays on the Parvis du Palais des Festivals. Film schedule online.

15 to 18 July

Summer sales: "Sales and the city" creates a shopping paradise open streets, entertainment and parking specials in the city centre. On the occasion of the launch of the summer sales and to support the commercial activity in Cannes, the Cannes City Hall is pedestrianizing rue d'Antibes and the rue Commandant André on Saturday, July 18th, from 2 to 8 pm.

Animations in the city centre
Music will be playing throughout the streets and male and female models from the Aubade and Danyberd shops will strut their stuff between rue d'Antibes and the Croisette, between 2.30 and 7 pm; and Cabaret demonstration by the Ka'Baret troupe will take place on rue d'Antibes, rue Teisseire and rue Commandant André from 5:30 pm.

CANNES Parking: a special rate offer from Wednesday 15 to Saturday 18 July for all 8 car parks in the town centre: Parking package at 5.5 € from 8 am to 9 pm.

July 14 to August 27:

Nocturnes Cannoises: designer market every Tuesday on the Promenade Jean Hibert, Wednesdays on the Place du Marché de la Bocca and every Thursday on the Quai Saint-Pierre, from 7 pm to midnight.

Light show: "Mapping 'Cannes en lumière'", which runs from July 14th to August 30th every evening between 10 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. in ten-minute loops on the facades of the Palais des Festivals and the Notre-Dame d 'Espérance is projected onto the Suquet.

Until 31 August

Photograph Exhibit: Nikos Aliagas, "Thalassa, peoples of the sea". 30 images from famous journalist and photographer for Paris Match. Thirty of his pictures will be presented on cubic structures for the exhibition Photographs from his latest exhibition "The test of time" will be displayed alongside pictures of Cannes men and women who embody the sea, so that the soul of the city of Cannes, with its eclectic facets, can be brought to light.

Until 1 November:

The exhibition "Kehinde Wiley, painter of the epic" will take place from 2020 at the La Malmaison Art Centre on the Croisette. This American artist is particularly famous for his portrait of Barack Obama. Through some thirty works, Kehinde Wiley questions us on our perception of the black figure in art, absent and stereotyped. Beyond accusation or political criticism, he explores the notion of identity. This retrospective, the first in France, draws an original vision of the history of Western art.

Until 15 NovemberCannes exhibit des femmes

A real treat for fans of Italian Renaissance: The museums of Cannes are pulling out of their vaults a series of works on the theme of women: women in art and women artists. In the history of art, the woman has been over-represented as a goddess, allegorical figure, courtesan, mother, wife, lover... But other roles, such as artists or innovators has been marginal. This exhibit, magnificently represented, in the Cannes collections by one of the rare women painters of the Renaissance, Artemisia Gentilieschi, the woman who most often painted women.

As part of 'Mapping', the exhibition will remain open until 11 pm on Wednesday 22nd July and 12th August 2020.




Terrasse On Air: An innovative concept at The Palais Des Festivals of 14 shows proposed on the roof terrace of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses, in a unique and magical setting following the distance and health safety rules.

16/07 Cannes Young Ballet Rosella Hightower

The student dancers will propose a programme composed of solos and variations from the classical repertoire and excerpts from contemporary creations

18/07 Jean-François Zygel improvises on Beethoven

Virtuosity, a sense of colour, fantasy, humour and imagination are the keywords of this exceptional concert by the most famous of French improvising pianists, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great Romantic composer.

20/07 Dimitri Naïditch Recital "Classique en Jazz"

Each concert of this Rachmaninov lover, also an accomplice of immense jazzmen like Didier Lockwood or Richard Galliano, constitutes an original performance.

22/07 Orchestre de Cannes " In the mood for love "

A programme around the theme of love: Claude Debussy Prélude à l'après-midi d'un Faune / Jacques Ibert Divertissement for chamber orchestra / Manuel de Falla L'Amour Sorcier.

01/08 Juan Carmona Quartet

A favourite of the greatest flamenco figures, Juan Carmona wanders the aerial paths of the Duende.

08/08 Les Plages Électroniques

Nico De Andrea from 9.30 pm to 10.45 pm and Dorian Craft from 10.45 pm to midnight (concert without an audience, broadcast on social networks)

10/08 Aksham / Elina Duni and David Enhco Jazz Quintet

The bewitching voice of Elina Duni, the irresistible trumpet singing of David Enhco and the refined embrace of Marc Perrenoud's piano playing create a virtuoso and delicate jazz

11/08 Mathias Levy Trio

Mathias Levy is the new voice of the violin in France: an acoustic aesthetics, mixing classical influence, world music and a solar and poetic "chamber jazz".

13/08 Jazz Trio

Yaron Herman, Émile Parisien, Mario Costa alongside the piano prodigy of improvisation Yaron Herman, the saxophonist Emile Parisien and his hyper-creative melodic touch.

19/08 Break the Floor Summer Breakdance Competition

One of the most prestigious battles returns in a one-on-one summer version where the elite of hip-hop dance meets to challenge the limits of the imaginable.

22/08 Chanson Francaise Cali

A piano/voice concert that will be able to arouse emotion and revisit Cali's classics.

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