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Heavy storms batter Liguria's coast

The entire Mediterranean coast from the Var to eastern Liguria was battered by a particularly bad storm this weekend, with the worst damage during the night of Monday 29th October. 

The Alpes-Maritimes experienced heavy rains, strong winds, and high seas, but there haven't been reports of any serious damage. 

Liguria, on the other hand, experienced extreme bouts of rain, wind and powerful waves that tossed boats around like toys and crumbled retaining walls. All along the coast from Finale Ligure to the Golf of La Spezia, there has been serious damage and several reported deaths. All public offices and schools have been closed.

This morning, images from Rapallo and Santa Margherita were shocking. Boats were strewn about the coastline, wedged on rocks and even up against the fortress. 


Storm damage in Rapallo


















The villages of the Cinque Terre were inundated with rainwater and high waves. Monterosso, Levanto, Pignone, and La Spezia have experienced flooding. In Vernazza, the rain created waterfalls throughout the hills and filled the canal in a matter of hours. The sea water rose to fill the streets, sending waves into the tight alleyways. No damage has been reported. 

(c) Emmanuele Raso

View of the canal in Vernazza, (c) Edoardo Resasco


















While there has been a break in the storm with full sun on Tuesday morning, alerts are scheduled for Wednesday 31st October and Thursday 1st November. The Alpes-Maritimes Civil Protection has issued a series of tips for staying safe during the heavy storms. They recommend people limit their travel to absolutely necessary needs, keep eye water levels, and if water begins to rise over river banks or canals, to seek high ground immediately. In your homes, safety precautions include unplugging electronics, moving your important documents and photos to high places and keep drinkable water on hand. They stress the importance of staying vigilant when out, especially to avoid areas with standing water and under no circumstances to enter parking garages or sub-terranean passages if water is present. 

Stay up to date on weather warnings by following Météo Côte d'Azur's facebook page or the Protection Civile's website.