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Hosting the grand masters

Francesco Guardi, 1712-1793, Santa Maria della Salute e Punta della DoganaVenice – or La Serenissima meaning the ‘most serene’ as it is also known – has long inspired the work and imagination of artists. Yet the beauty of the Venetian cityscape – the romance of its canals and the charm of its magical light – has never been portrayed with as much love and sensitivity as it was by the 18th and 19th century grandmasters.

From Canaletto, Marieschi, Bellotto and Guardi to Cimaroli, Domenichini, Bison and Zanin, a range of wonderful art works that depict the city during this era will be on show in Monaco until 20th January.  The pieces have been loaned to the Art Contact gallery by the London-based Lampronti Gallery, and the exhibition – The Magical Light of Venice – comes under the patronage of the principality’s Italian embassy.

The Lampronti Gallery in London has specialised in 17th and 18th century Italian Old Master paintings since its foundation in 1914. Current owner and third generation art dealer Cesare Lampronti, who became the director of the family-run gallery in 1961, is particularly known for his exceptional collection of paintings, sculptures and antique furniture, which he has exhibited at many of Europe’s most prestigious art fairs.