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Initiative-France hits a record for employment

Initaitive France helps increase employment in the regionFrench financing company InitiativeFrance has published record figures for employment in 2016, claiming it has helped create some 44,000 jobs in 16,700 businesses last year.

Initiative France, is the first association of networks financing creators, entrepreneurs, and company developers of corporations and start-ups to help kick start their activity and supply a stable capital. In fact, the estimations indicate that corporations have an economic stability of three years with the money provided. The success of 2016 represents an amount of loans of 1.3 billion euros provided by Initiative France.

Louis Schweitzer, President of Initiative France, said in a press conference that InitiativeFrance’s network grew considerably in 2016. The additional 4% of corporations on 2015 that received support have been able to employ more, which has led to the 8% increase in employment on the previous year.

The strength of this network stems from the 16,000 volunteers and 940 permanent members who work together, said Schweitzer, in the press conference.

In our region, the network has created 4,789 new jobs and welcomed 8,498 projects including the creation of new local businesses and support of existing businesses. 


Claire Davis