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Les Portes Ouvertes in Antibes

Annette von Borstel on Rue St Esprit is one of the founding members.From 3rd December, Antibes will host Les Portes Ouvertes on the first Saturday of every month. It's good news for anyone looking for a really unique Christmas present or who just wants to know more about the kind of art that is being produced and available in Antibes at the moment. A diverse group of local artists have joined together to host the event, which is a lovely opportunity to go and meet some fantastic artists in their studio and talk to them about their work. You can follow the whole tour or dip in as you choose.

Galerie Trans Art (6 Rue Dr Rostan): focusing on abstract art, this is one of the best galleries in Antibes. They are currently showing work from Nicola Powys, Margaret Michel and Jacques Parnel.

Ho Lui (Rue James Close): Ho Lui was the first Chinese student to be admitted from communist mainland China to L’École des Beaux Arts in Paris. A leading artist in Antibes, his practice is conceptual, interventionist and just a little bit magic!

Jon Voss (3 Rue Paul Bourgarel): Jon Voss is an architect by trade, but also a three dimensional artist who makes works for public spaces with an ecological message. His studio is a wonderland of welding and metal work, with a serious ecological message. He is also an excellent draftsman, having recently be selected as a finalist in the National Open Art competition. Ask him to show you his drawings!

Nicola Powys (13 Rue Revennes): Nicola is an expressive artiste-peintre, specialising in mixed media pieces. She is also a teacher of creativity, running bespoke workshops on the Côte d'Azur.

Aurelie Sellin and Morgaan Thomassin (Rue Des Baines): Award-winning, dynamic young ceramicists working at Rue des Bains. 

Galerie Eleni (Place Marejol): Prestigious gallery opposite the Picasso Museum with sculpture, jewellery and paintings.

Annette von Borstel (Rue St Esprit): Experienced classic, figurative artist who also offers oil painting classes.