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The marriage of L'Oasis & Barbossi

For the past 27 years, Stéphane, Antoine and François Raimbault have managed to stay at the top of the culinary game thanks to their perseverance, passion and courage. L'Oasis has lived up to its shimmering two Michelin stars, which shine true to one single calling: the pleasure of giving happiness.  

Since last summer, L'Oasis has been a partner of the Domaine de Barbossi, an association which has given the property newfound energy. The Raimbault brothers' bistrot left its former home in mid-2017 and moved to the Ermitage, a landmark hotel in Mandelieu that nestles between a river and the sea. Within the Barbossi group, which boasts a golf club, a vineyard, a stable and a museum, L'Oasis has found rejuvenation.

During the annual winter closing, the restaurant treated itself to a face-lift and was fully refurbished.  Guests can now enjoy a modern and luminous environment as a backdrop for the signature terrace setting, a flamboyant jungle of lush greenery. The ambience is also given energy thanks to various art pieces borrowed from the Barbossi museum: a resolutely contemporary take on abstract paintings and sculptures with unique works by Jean-Franklin Koenig, Pierre Theunissen, Christian Glace, Gérard Le Roux, Michel Machu and the infamous César. All come in contrast with the neo-classical style of the venue and echo the retro-modern style of L’Oasis’ cuisine.

Fond of the saying ‘There is no wealth nor strength but man’, chef Stéphane Raimbault tells Riviera Insider that 2018 will be a Year of Talent. The teams of L'Oasis are now under the leadership of not one, but two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Pascal Paulze, the loyal and savvy Head Sommelier, and Alain Montigny, who has recently joined the three Raimbault musketeers. Mentored by Le Bristol’s Éric Fréchon in Paris and a former student of Christian Constant, Montigny was awarded his first Michelin star at the Carmontelle in Chantilly.

With such gastronomy, culture and effortless elegance under one roof, L’Oasis and the Domaine de Barbossi are coming to define French savoir-faire and art de vivre on the Côte d’Azur.


*Originally published in the #178 edition of Riviera Insider