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Marseille: a Netflix original

French cinematic icon Gerard Depardieu takes the main role of Taro, Marseille's mayorFresh on the back of the vastly successful mixed language crime drama Narcos comes online TV and film provider Netflix’s first foray into an independent, original, foreign series: Marseille. The complex character of this troubled, but magnificent port city provides the background for a provocative eight-episode series by directors Dan Franck and Florent Emilio-Siri that falls somewhere between intense political thriller and vengeful drama.

France’s cinematic icon Gérard Depardieu takes the role of well-established Marseille mayor Robert Taro who, as the municipal elections near, prepares to push through the vote for the construction of a casino in the historic centre of the marina. But Taro’s misplaced faith and trust in the younger Lucas Barrès (Benoît Magimel), whose all-consuming thirst for power and disregard for loyalty to his mentor shocks the local political circle and city itself, comes with a costly price.

From the city’s squalid, crime-ridden banlieues (suburbs) to its lavish, luxury estates, the bad and the ugly of the city join in a power struggle for the mayoral position that could tear not only Taro and his family apart, but the very social fabrics of Marseille. As Taro’s plans for the casino - aimed at pushing out the mob and allowing Marseille to achieve a stronger international status as a destination - implode around him, the race for the title of mayor becomes a vicious and clandestine competition that leaves you wondering, ‘Is there nothing they won’t do to win?’

“We’re proud to support French culture and are thrilled to be able to share Marseille with our global audience,” says Netflix’s vice president of international original series Erik Barmack.

Marseille is available in full on Netflix and with English-language subtitles.