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Monaco’s land extension moves above water

A major milestone has been reached for the Principality of Monaco’s ambitious land extension project, with the first of 18 concrete caissons rising out of the Mediterranean.

© Michael Alesi/Direction de la CommunicationAt the end of July, Prince Albert II and key representatives (including: Andrea Casiraghi; Martin Bouygues, CEO of the Bouygues company; Guy Thomas Levy-Soussan, representative administrator of SAM Anse du Portier; Serge Telle, Secretary of State; and Monseigneur Barsi, who proceded to bless the caisson) headed out into the waters off the coast of the principality for the official unveiling of the first visible step of the six-hectare development. Over the next 12 months, 17 other caissons will be put in place and the maritime works due to be completed in 2020.

The land extension will become an eco-district called the Anse du Portier (translation: Portier Cove). It will include an additional 9,000m² for the Grimaldi Forum culture centre, 3,000m² of shops, a 1,000m² public park and other public facilities such as a car park (for 160 vehicles according to the latest information provided by the government). Over 100 private homes are also expected to be built.

 Leïla Zemirli