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Monaco company leading the way in Artificial Intelligence research


Technology via ShutterstockMonaco has long been at the forefront of modern technology, including being the first country entirely 5G and the principality's significant investment in new energy, environmental sustainability and financing one of the first 'private' wings at the international space station. So it is no surprise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another emerging field being led by the 2 KM country. 

A presentation on this exciting new world was hosted by Asteria at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, on 22 October. A double-feature of presentations began with the PhD defence of Thierry Deschamps de Paillette and the Monegasque IT consulting firm, Asteria’s unique plan for a new operational centre dedicated to Distributed Intelligent Systems (DIS).  

It was only fitting that the thesis of Mr Deschamps de Paillette, titled "Wireless digital transmissions for environmental monitoring in an underwater environment" was presented within the walls of hallowed Jacques Cousteau ground. The candidate’s research introduces a new wireless transmission technology enabling hybrid networks capable of transferring sufficient bandwidth to support real-time video, from the sea’s subsoil to the surface. The best part-- it uses low transmission power, is discreet and low cost. Don’t worry – patents are pending!

But how do you get the pure technology out and into the hands of companies and train them to utilise it? This is where Asteria comes in. Since 2013, the company has been providing IT consulting and assistance with digital transformation. With Thierry Deschamps de Paillette acting as Chief Technical Officer, their goal of becoming an international reference for artificial intelligence is well underway. Gilles Pouget, General Director of the company, followed the doctoral defence with an innovative and ambitious project to create an operational research and development centre dedicated to DIS (I.A., IoT, cloud...) by early next year.

Using the image of the tree of life, Mr Pouget discussed the branches of this new project called, ‘Intel-X.’ Calling on the expertise of over 200 skilled technicians and professional collaborators through the Datacorp Group (based in Sophia Antipolis) and several top universities around the world, Asteria is putting together an R&D network like a world-wide incubator for DIS.

AI has far-reaching applications, from clean energy to security; from transport to medicine and health care. To nurture the creation and innovation in these fields, Starter Business Center, a Sophia Antipolis based coworking office space, will be home to the Intel-X research centre, set to launch in June 2021.

By September 2021, Intel-X plans to launch certification training centres through an impressive network of universities including MIT, UC Berkley and Caltech, the University of Lund in Sweden, Universities across France and EPFL, a robotics research centre in Switzerland. By 2022, these schools will be working together to provide certifications, training, diplomas and advanced degrees.

Headed up by Asteria, Intel-X will be providing not only the research and training in these new technologies but also providing expert consulting, protection of intellectual property and maintaining Monaco’s foothold as a world leader in innovative technology.