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Monaco first country fully 5G


Martin PérronetMonaco Telecom announced on July 9, 2019 a full 5G coverage of the Principality. In collaboration with the Chinese communication giant, Huawei, Monaco became the first country in the world to offer full 5G coverage on 10 July.    

Earlier this year, on April 30, 2019 Prince Albert II announced the creation of “Extended Monaco”. This project reflects the will of HSH to transform the Principality and write a whole new chapter in Monaco’s history. Full 5G coverage is the first step of a larger project planned by the Princely government. An idea that will eventually make Monaco enter into a new digital era. On July 9, 2019 in the legendary Hôtel de Paris, Martin Pérronet, the CEO of Monaco Telecom, expressed how proud his company is to introduce this new project in the Principality. He took the stage in an almost Steve Job-esque manner and said, “Meanwhile Monaco is now fully covered with a new 5G network, Monaco Telecom continues to develop its fiber network, in order to offer the finest quality services as well as the best content in the world. 5G is going to change everything.”  

 Indeed, on the one hand the goal of the Princely government with this new digital transformation is to offer a better quality of life for all and better economic opportunities for businesses. On the other hand, Frédéric Genta, president of the Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition declared: “The 5G coverage will solidify the digital integration of all the pillars of society, including economy, energy, health, media and transports. This new digital era will develop new possibilities - for the Prinicpality’s population, its public policies and most importantly its economy and for the overall well-being of the country.”      

 The 5G network is expected to profoundly change information processing, promoting the development of the Internet of Things. A diverse set of fields will benefit from this technology: 

  • Automotive (the development of autonomous cars will flourish with 5G networks, allowing them to instantly react to obstacles such as pedestrians) 
  • Healthcare (hospitals can harness 5G for numerous applications including remote surgery, holographic diagnostics and the ability to compartmentalise hospital data as well as give extra security to patient records)
  • Gaming (high-speed connectivity will revolutionise interactive games and virtual reality)
  • Communication (instant communication is especially useful for assisted translation) 
  • Government (cities can improve infrastructures, monitor traffic and pollution and develop ‘Smart Cities’)

The 5G network has also caused a lot of controversy lately for the level of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Riviera Insider spoke with Perronet about the presumed risks. He was well aware of the concerns and assured Riviera Insider that MT has fully considered the EMF emissions from 5G antennae. He explained that since 2010, Monaco has had extremely high controls on EMF radiation output and today the principality has 10 times lower EMF emissions than the rest of Europe. For this reason, MT found that even with the added emissions from 5G antennae, the principality will still remain within safe limits. “We want to be everywhere, but with very low emissions,” he said. 

Finally, this full 5G coverage becomes the basis of a wider project in Monaco. It embodies new promises through the “Extended Monaco” plan. Promises to increase companies’ competitiveness, to attract new talents and new businesses within Monaco’s territory, to offer the best quality of life in the world and to be accountable, human and inclusive in this new digital era. 

- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle