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Monaco Global Family Office Summit


By Irene Hell


Anthony Ritossa (L) and Hadi Al Alawi (R) at the recent Ritossa Family Office Meeting in Monte Carlos. Al Alawi, a well respected family business owner from Bahrain now runs a global peace projectRoyalty and billionaires will once again meet in Monte Carlo for the 9th Global Family Office Summit next week. Riviera Insider discovers how Anthony Ritossa, the summit’s founder is revitalizing the myth of the French Riviera as a hub and a hideaway of the rich, royal and powerful.

"Anthony Ritossa has raised the bar again,” observes Giuseppe Ambrosio, President of the Monaco Single and Multi-Family Office Association. The upcoming 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit from 18-20 June 2019 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel might well be one of the world’s largest and most exclusive gatherings of family wealth.

Under the High Patronage of SAS Prince Albert II, the theme of the upcoming event is "The Rise & Rise of Family Offices". By invitation only and strictly private, more than 450 ‘family offices,’ conglomerate owners, Sheikhs, royal families, private investors, business moguls, sovereign wealth funds and industry professionals from around the globe are scheduled to attend.

Representing over $4 trillion in investor wealth, the upcoming Ritossa Family Office meeting in Monte Carlo is revitalizing the myth of the French Riviera as a hub for the super-rich.

Between like-minded peers in a safe-harbour environment, the summit will bridge interests and activities between European families and their Middle East, U.S., Asian and Latin American counterparts.

Hosted by the Ritossa Family Office, a prestigious family business dating back 600 years to the era of the Venetian Empire and with deep roots into Europe and the Middle East, Anthony Ritossa operates on high standards.

Investment-minded blue-bloods, including SAR Le Prince Michel de Yougoslavie, will join the summit next week. “The summit is a good mix of families, of products and services. This sharing of current activities and future trends is very important,” recommends Prince Michel.

For generations, Hadi Al Alawi, the Chairman and CEO of the Al Hayat Group in Bahrain and his family have been combining doing well with doing good.

Now Al Alawi teams up with the Vision Peace Foundation Germany. In Monaco, both will announce a global peace project called WORLD TOUR for PEACE by David Wared.

A peace plane with more than 100 people will visit 100 countries across all continents and organise 100 peace congresses and ignite 100 cities of peace.

IT Power House Sally Khudairi and Alex Karasulu CEO of OptDyn in Monte Carlo. Khudairi and Karasulu just developed the world's first crypto currency mining router. Photo by Irene Hell

Al Alawi will also speak about the best practice to pass on the family business to the next generation. Other topics of the conference will be lucrative new markets. Investors will get exclusive insides in current megatrends, geopolitical risks, economic challenges as well as crypto capital markets.

Khudairi worked alongside Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, as a member of the World Wide Web Consortium executive team at MIT. Sally Khudairi, the spokesperson of the Apache Software community, which created open source technology worth billions of dollars, is now launching blockchain innovations through her latest venture, OptDyn.

OptDyn just developed the world's first cryptocurrency mining router and provides products and solutions in billion-dollar sectors that include Cloud Computing and peer economy marketplaces.

Honouring Prince Albert II

The Family Office Lifetime Achievement award in Strategic Philanthropy will be awarded to Prince Albert II of Monaco. Bernard Fautrier, Vice President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation will address our planet's alarming environmental situation.

Major Family Office Meetings such as The Ritossa Summits which take place in Monaco, Dubai and Miami have become investment powerhouses, capable of competing with global banks and private-equity firms on big transactions, observes The Economist. The leading business magazine describes them as “an essential part of every self-respecting billionaire’s stable.”