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Newly opened in Loano: Zucchero & Farina

They both had solid jobs in the tourism industry for many years so had little to no experience of going it along without the security of a regular pay cheque. Still, the two colleagues had dreams beyond their desks.

Rosalba Poggi (55) wanted nothing more than to spend her days baking and not just simple cakes, but beautiful Black Forrest cherry delights, delicate macarons and unique, designer creations. Nadia Zuffo (48), on the other hand, had been passionately cooking her grandmother’s recipes since childhood: handmade ravioli, vegetable pies, stuffed courgettes, onions and peppers, pasta sauces, Italian salad and much more.

“One day, we realised that we actually complement each other perfectly,” say the two women. After that, everything started moving rather quickly: they quit their long-term jobs, rented a shop with a kitchen attached in a good location in Loano (Via dei Gazzi 45), and started tackling the mountain of bureaucratic obstacles.

Before they knew it, they were stood in Zucchero & Farina, their very own gastronomia. The term can be loosely translated to deli-catessen. In the case of Rosalba and Nadia, only the finest ingredients of largely organic origin are used to cook or bake their products.

Even in Liguria, which remains relatively traditional, the will to produce dinner from scratch every night is slipping in the population so the Zucchero & Farina range is the ideal solution for those who don’t have the time to spend hours at the stove, but want to enjoy quality, handmade meals.

The pair doesn’t serve any of their food on site and instead offer flexible opening hours (until 8.30pm). If you haven’t had time to get to the supermarket, there’s no need to worry!

Back to Rosalba and her love of baking, which was particularly awakened during a trip to Scotland. She took recipes she discovered there with her back to Loano and was soon producing cakes of all kinds that even some professional confectioners can’t match. With her innate patience and intuition, she creates genuine marvels for every occasion as well as the customers who come into her store each day.

They opened Zucchero & Farina in late May in the presence of many guests and hopefully future customers. Being such humble women, it seemed as though they were still yet to realise that their dream had come true. So did they fear this step into the unknown?

“Yes,” they say at once, “but our passion was stronger!”