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Nice Port to ship container to Syria

Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur has a new appeal to help those in need. In a few short weeks, a shipping container will be delivered to Nice Port to be filled with food and aid before heading directly to Syria.

We have written several times about Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur’s donation drives to collect aid not only for the refugees in nearby Ventimiglia, but also those afar.

This past winter, Emma Colvin, one of the founders of the group, organised a relief effort for the women and children in refugee camps in Iraq. Thanks to the immense generosity of the people in the region, the project was a great success, sending a lorry filled with food, clothing and supplies directly to families most in need.

Coming off the success of that project, Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur has paired up with One Nation UK, a registered charity with local volunteers on the ground. In their most ambitious project yet, they have arranged a full-size shipping container to be shipped from the port of Nice directly to families (mostly widows and children) still stuck in war-torn Syria. The situation is dire, with constant threat of bombings, surprise attacks and a lack of food; children are dying every day from simple wounds and starvation.

“It is a huge project and a bit scary to take this on, but it is a real necessity,” said Michon Mulineaux, who is heading up the project. She knows the daunting task ahead of her, but she is confident in the generosity of the Côte d’Azur.

Originally from Seattle, Michon got involved last winter when she was tucking her son into his ‘warm bed with a down duvet’ one night: “I remember feeling so guilty that there were children in Syria who were sleeping on the cold hard ground with a coat to cover them, if they were lucky. It was such a helpless feeling and when I found an opportunity to help the children where I knew that 100% of what was donated was going directly to Syria, I jumped on it.”

On 15th June, the container will arrive in Nice port to be filled and delivered to Syria, but they need help! They are appealing for food, medical supplies and clothing, which they have listed online in various ways.

So what can you do to help?

There are several ways to get involved. Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur is well-organised and selfless volunteers across the Alpes-Maritime and Provence are ready to collect donations.

1. Donate food, clothing and medical supplies to their donation points from Aix-en-Provence to Nice. Food and medical supplies are needed most. Many of the hospitals have been bombed and their supplies are critically low. Contact RefugeeAidCotedAzur@gmail for your closest donation drop point.

2. Shop online: a detailed list of items needed has been created on Amazon:

3. Organise a local donation drive with a school, business or church. You can also speak with local charity shops. “Our local Secour Popular was very helpful and gave me a huge discount when they found out where it was heading,” said Michon.

4. Volunteer to help sort boxes or drive donations from collection points. 

5. Join their Facebook group and stay up to date with local drives, updated donation lists, or to add your own ideas:

6. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know, and email this story or the PDF flyers that are available from their Facebook page. The group hopes that with enough publicity, people from Marseille to Monaco will know about the project and get involved.

Michon welcomes participation at any level: “We are always looking for new members and anyone is welcome to join the organising team as well.”


Nicole Ruskell