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Nice welcomes WWF Blue Panda sailboat

WWF France Blue Panda SailboatThe city of Nice is determined to stop plastic pollution in the Baie des Anges. Nice Côte d’Azur metropolis has vowed to strengthen its fight against all plastics dumping in the Mediterranean. This ban will be implemented through the signature of a Charter of Commitment as part of Nice’s collaboration with WWF France. This partnership will spread over three years, from the official signature on the 13th of August, when the “Blue Panda” sailboat anchors in Nice’s port. 

Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice and president Alpes-Maritime region, helms this partnership with WWF France, as a promise that the city will commit to going further than the few actions already implemented today in Nice. A detailed and thorough diagnostic will be set up to find the origin of the plastic pollution in the metropolis. Then, a ban on plastic products will be implemented as well, in order to decrease people’s plastic consumption, promote alternatives and reusable materials as well as reprocessing plastic material that cannot be avoided. Indeed, according to different studies, 600.000 tons of plastics are discharged in the Mediterranean each year. Mayor Estrosi also wishes to get to a “Zero waste” plan by 2025. Everyone in the city will be mobilized and asked to take part in this ambitious project: the city’s public services, businesses, companies, restaurants and most importantly, citizens on a day to day basis - no one will be left out. 

From July to November, the “Blue Panda” traverses the Mediterranean’s coast to raise awareness and mobilize the population of the biggest cities on the French Riviera against the catastrophic problem of plastic pollution. The sailboat is a sort of 'floating museum' and education centre that is open to the public and can be boarded while in the port (until 16 August). Make sure to take the kids so they can see first-hand the effects of our current disposable lifestyle. Education will come through different events and activities organized by WWF France along the boat’s journey. According to the environmental NGO, it is possible to achieve a world without any plastic products and waste by 2030, notably through the implementation of an international treaty used as a binding instrument. 

What are you doing to reduce your plastic consumption? 


- Alexa Bouhelier-Ruelle