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Nuits du Sud

DJ Bob Sinclair will perform on 22nd JulyVence’s Nuits du Sud is a festival that has truly come of age. Now almost 20 years in the making, the Nuits du Sud continues to charm and inspire spectators of all ages who come together at this fantastic venue to revel and dance in an entire spectrum of culture and genre.
Cock Robin and Zaz launch the two-week festival on 7th July followed by Massila Sound System and other artists the next night. Imany and Cris Crab round up that weekend’s performances on 9th July. The multi-faceted quintet Saodaj’ play on 14th July alongside the poetic Grand Corps Malade and Liverpool’s The Christians brothers. Other unique acts to play at the festival include Söndörgo - pronounced Choendoergueu - who are a Serbian-Croat group playing traditional instruments in their signature lively manner, the Ivory Coast’s Alpha Blondy, French YouTube duo AaRON, world famous DJ Bob Sinclair (22nd July) and incredible acoustic artist Faada Freddy.
Tickets are available online for the festival, which takes place between 7th and 23rd July.