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People & Baby nursery Open House

People & BabyPeople & Baby tri-lingual nursery (English/French/Italian) is helping international families by taking the stress out of moving to France with small children. To inaugurate their new Biot location, they are having an open day on 6 February. 

People and Baby is an internationally focused brand of bi-lingual nurseries, catering particularly to families new to France. Riviera Insider spoke with Aurelie Jean, Director of Operations for the Alpes-Maritimes about how her company is helping families settle in the area. 

“It’s difficult for new families here,” explains Aurelie. “When you don’t speak French, it’s difficult to settle, it’s difficult to ask questions, it’s difficult to assimilate.”

People & Baby takes the worry out of childcare and provides a safe, loving environment. The chain of nurseries offers not only bi-lingual child care in French and English, but most importantly, all information for the parents is in English, from documents to child-related procedures and medical requirements in France. The new 'Fraise' location, on 950 avenue de Roumanille in Biot, also speaks Italian for the numerous families in the area.

“The French system is not easy to navigate,” she says. “We make sure all our information and communications are in English.”

The Sophia-Antipolis location is surrounded by large multi-national companies, many of which work with People & Baby. Aurelie explains that their main clientele is actually the companies themselves, buying spots in the nursery for their international employees. They subsidise the child-care so that families don’t pay more than the cost of a public nursery. Companies like Toyota, Thales, Amadeus and others need to be competitive to hire
the best candidates. Providing worry-free childcare in English is a new concept, but makes for an extremely attractive hiring package. “Nothing has been done to support employee’s families before but companies now know that not worrying about childcare improves performance, employee retention and lessons time off.”

People & Baby take in children from several different nationalities, including Danish, Japanese, and Italian - the common language is English. The nursery’s bi-lingual environment ensures that children hear both English and French from the earliest ages. “The most important thing in fluency is getting the ear used to hearing the language.
It is the foundation of bi-lingual speaking without an accent in either language.” Keenly aware of the mix of cultures, they ensure they celebrate fun things that keep the children aware of cultural habits they may not otherwise learn in a French nursery.

Over and above the bi-lingual aspect and the English services, People & Baby is a full-service nursery taking children from as young as 10 weeks and up to two years of age. They serve organic food prepared onsite and have a doctor who works with them for all necessary things, from diet to vaccination requirements.

There are 11 locations within the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var, with many more locations throughout France. Aurelie points out that if families need to relocate within the region or within France, their child’s spot can easily be transferred to another location. Yet another way they focus on taking the stress out of child-care.

Don't miss the chance to visit the nursery and meet the staff on Thursday, 6 February at 6:30 pm.

People & Baby 'Fraise'
950 avenue de Roumanille 
06410 Biot
+33 (0)7 69 54 61 78