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Printemps des Arts in Monaco

Monaco’s annual Printemps des Arts festival is due to begin on Friday 17th March and will run for three weeks until Sunday 8thApril. The festival, now in its 33rd year, is mainly dedicated to music, classical music in particular. 

The opening event of the festival is the Portrait Berlioz on 17th March,which will be performed in the Grimaldi Forum and conducted by the Swiss composer Michael Jarrell. On 19th March, there will be the annual ‘Surprise trip in Monaco’ during which the public tour to different locations in Monaco and are treated to secret concerts en route. Every year, composers are invited to create music specifically for the festival and this year include: Francesco Filidei, Ramon Lazkano, Patrick Marcland, Miroslav Srnka and Michael Jarrell. There will also be a ‘Concept Piano’ weekend running from 24th until 26th March, which includes four concertos and one concert every day. 

The Printemps des Arts festival doesn’t just focus on established musicians and composers however; it pays particular attention to the younger generation of musicians, giving many of them an allocated five minutes before concerts in order to perform self-composed work. There are masterclasses organised with some of the most talented soloists organised free of charge for students in the surrounding schools and there is a dedicated Journée des Conservatoires, which gives the public a chance to listen to the musical repertoire the students of the Academy of Monaco and the colleges of music in the Alpes-Maritimes have studied throughout the year. 

The festival is also launching its very own radio station in 2017, which will run 24 hours a day and begin airing on 1st March. The radio station will have a variety of shows, notably the 12pm to 2pm slot, which will include recordings of concerts from the festival and interviews with friends and faithful listeners of the festival. 

Tickets for all the events mentioned can be bought online, by phone, email or at the festival pavilion.


Mia Colleran