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Riviera Business Club hosts cocktail networking event

The Riviera Business Club has extended a welcome to its Business Networking Cocktail Dinatoire event in Cannes this Thursday to both members and the public. Held at the trendy Quai 21 Business Centre, the night will be the perfect setting for guests to make new contacts and network in a warm and convivial atmosphere.

The event takes place on Thursday 16th June at 7.30pm in the Quai 21 Business Centre (21 Quai Saint-Pierre, 06400 Cannes). As always, organisers will be introducing new members of the club and putting a spotlight on its new corporate members.  

Dorothy Foster the Chairperson of the Panel of Judges for the 2016 Edition of the RBC Business Person of the Year Awards will also be on hand to respond to questions with regard the awards, now that nominations are open for this signature event of the RBC.

Nomination Forms will be also available for those who wish to nominate candidates for these prestigious awards. 

It will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs from the Cannes region to join the members of the RBC and their guests for an evening of networking and socialising.

True to the RBC's policy of doing everything they can to promote local entreprenuers, they  have invited a recent start up on the riviera The New Caterers to provide the Cocktail Buffet for the evening to show what they can do, perhaps for your next event or function! 

The events cost 15 euros for members and 18 euros for non-members. Reservations can be made at