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Riviera Press wishes you a very happy New Year!

Riviera Press Holiday 2020

What a year it has been! As one of the most difficult years in recent memory comes to a close, Riviera Insider and Riviera Press by MediaCorp wish you a safe News year’s celebration! Even though 2020 has been difficult and sometimes trying, it has also brought about rethinking, transformation, a lot of resilience and some nice moments of solidarity, mutual aid and cohesion.

These moments were created by people thinking out of the box, refusing to succumb to despair, companies adapting to constant change and challenge and all of us overcoming the stress of crowded homes or lengthy solitude.

At Riviera Press, we have been keen to spotlight those making a difference here locally, the businesses turning to online sales, local municipalities offering initiatives to support business and even musicians finding creative places for concerts, like the Cannes Orchestra's performance on apartment balconies in La Bocca!  It has been a joy but also a responsibility to share these initiatives with you in our newsletters and through our magazines.

Above all, we would like to thank you, our regular readers, our steadfast partners and our loyal customers, for having always remained at our side. So many industries, especially the tourism/hospitality industry (including bars and restaurants) have been amongst the hardest-hit, but media as well have been struggling. Our entire team has worked to adapt, transform and persist to stay in the game and keep providing you with news and stories and even our printed magazines for our subscribers.  We worked especially hard to put together a solidarity Christmas shopping guide with as many local businesses and shops as we could in a few short weeks!

If you haven’t seen our free Christmas guide, click here to download it.

We are counting on you in 2021 to continue to affirm your support for your local press. We will be here, again and again, ready to share great stories of food, culture and history… or create an article about your company here in the Riviera. If you would like to subscribe to Riviera Insider, visit our online shop.

The whole team of Riviera Press, by MediaCorp, wishes you a peaceful and safe New Years Eve (at home)! 

And if you missed the fun holiday video we made with our season's greetings, watch it here :
Voeux Riviera Press par MediaCorp

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

See you in 2021!

-Nicole Ruskell