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Summer sales have started

The season for cut-price shopping in the Var, Alpes Maritimes and Monaco has started. The Var followed the rest of France by launching its sales more than two weeks ago, but the Alpes Maritimes and the Principality of Monaco have only just caught up!

From today until 16th August, shoppers in the Alpes Maritimes will be enjoying the reduced rates of the annual summer sales. Those looking for a bargain in the Var have until 2nd August, with the sales have started a fortnight earlier than in the east of the French Riviera.

Monaco launched its sales last Friday and they will continue until 15th August, offering the longest discounts in the region.

Boutiques and other retail outlets in the principality have been given an incentive to  open up shop on Sunday, with the government offering a 75% reimbursement of employer costs to business owners if they are open for a minimum of five Sundays between 10th July and 11th September. Later opening hours - until 10pm - on weekdays are also being encouraged.