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From Thailand to the Riviera: The Rolling Company

"No one else in France was doing the rolling technique - we’re the very first!” said Adrien Rosenpick. Forget the classic scoop and waffle cone… in the old town of Nice, 24-year olds Adrien Rosenpick and Jeremy Akouka have a whole new ice cream concept!

The temperature has hit 34°C by the time we reach The Rolling Company’s new boutique on a quaint street of the Vieille Ville and I’m grateful for not only the refreshing ice cream that greets us, but also a bit of shade in the searing heat. Parisian Adrien Rosenpick and Jeremy Akouka from Cannes don’t seem bothered by the weather, however. This is perfect for business.

“We saw the rolling technique while we were on holiday in Thailand,” explains Adrien, “and had been thinking about starting a company together after we finished our master’s degrees at the European Business School in Paris. 

Unique to France

The base product – a mixture of cream, milk and sugar– is made by a laitier, a dairy producer. Due to its short shelf-life, The Rolling Company’s desserts are fresh and largely free of the preservatives you’d usually find in other shop-bought ice creams. The fruity flavours added to the frozen cream mix are 90% pure fruit: low in sugar and rich in natural goodness.

After a brief trial with a machine made in China – “The quality of the equipment just didn’t live up to our expectations…” – Adrien and Jeremy contacted a specialist frigoriste in France, who set about redesigning and building two bespoke machines. They are the first of their kind in the country, something the lads are very proud to tell Riviera Insider.

All that can be seen of the equipment is a flat metal dish roughly 40cm in diameter. This is chilled to -30°C, which quickly freezes the creamy base and transforms it into ice cream in under a minute.

Fresh & flavoursome

Customers choose their flavours from a board behind the counter and these are added straight to the mixture as it’s cooling on the dish. You can find a video of the action on our Facebook page!

Adrien makes us a fragrant raspberry and apricot ice cream, smoothing out the colourful mixture before moving on to the trademark rolling technique. He adds a sprinkling of praline nuts and a squirt of Chantilly cream – delicious in the hot sun! Other combinations include: Oreo and chocolate (one of their biggest sellers and presented with a handful of mini Oreos on top of the rolls); exotic mango, passion fruit, pineapple and coconut; banana and Kinder Bueno; pear; blueberries…

They’ve tried to step away from traditional ice cream flavours and tell me that they spent the week before our rendez-vous experimenting with everything from lemon and fresh mint leaves (Jeremy’s favourite) to champagne and truffles. Whatever your personal preference and regardless how many toppings you add, the price remains the same at 4.50€.

The good weather of the summer has been ideal for the young businessmen: “We’ve only been open [since spring] but we’re pleased with how it’s worked so far. We’ve had queues around the corner on some weekends!”

They already have plans to expand The Rolling Company – first to Toulon in 2018 then Saint Raphaël and Paris – with their concept being to encourage others to pick up the franchise and take the rolling technique across France. The duo are part of the Instagram generation and are typically media savvy–take a look at @therollingcompany_ to find out more about their tasty and creative treats!


7 Rue du Marché, Nice


Elsa Carpenter