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Time out for the soul

Magali Mazzei takes her guests on a meaningful journey

Magali Mazzei takes her guests on a meaningful journey, with the aim of reconnecting with their own personal higher consciousness levels. She has now found a quiet oasis in the green hinterland of the Côte d'Azur for her multi-day holistic seminars in English, French and German.

Magali Mazzei is a petite woman who only radiates warmth and energy. She calls herself a happy person, but she has also known dark feelings and can still remember a time when she did not feel comfortable in her own body.

“I was a shadow of myself and knew I had to change something in my life,” says the former marketing and PR specialist. So she spun a globe and landed with her finger on Sri Lanka. With a suitcase full of books, Magali headed there for several weeks. In fact, she only read one book while she was there: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Dr. Deepak Chopra. She went home a new person.

“My time there was a profound experience for me,” she recalls. “I arrived empty, but returned cleansed and freed from stress.” As part of the Panchakarma therapy she undertook, she has learned to breathe properly, to follow the healthy Ayurvedic-style of nutrition and to meditate.

What is Anahataflow?

Anahataflow means to serve lovingly for the activation of self-healing with powerful techniques based on the three pillars of this ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the three pillars of the doctrine: breathing; Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition; and yoga and meditation. Energy-based self-healing therapies, which focus on balancing the Anahata Chakra (heart wheel), are a particularly powerful and pure way of healing.



Today she is Magali Mazzei, Vedic Educator and yoga teacher, certified by the prestigious Chopra Center in California that owes its fame to co-founder Dr. Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned teacher and author of spiritual books who counts many celebrities among his clients. Magali shares her valuable knowledge and offers seminars and workshops in a range of incredible locations worldwide. A key theme is to slow down and be true to you.

“Through my retreats, guests can find their inner consciousness once again,” says the French woman. “I show them how to integrate the teaching of Ayurveda – the science of life – into their everyday.”

From early this summer, Magali is inviting guests to join her three-day Anahataflow workshops, which she holds within the breath-taking setting of the Château Diter in the green, hilly countryside of Grasse. Students will discover: the energetic flow of life; encounter a new model of body, mind and soul, learn the definition of the individual Ayurvedic body constitution (Sanskrit: Dosha); achieve a healthy balance in their everyday lives with the BITs (body-intelligent techniques); and practice energising exercises.

“We go on a journey through the self,” explains the yoga teacher. The Anahataflow seminars are based on three pillars: breathing, Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition, and yoga and meditation. Ayurveda stands for the ‘science of life’.

“We start with yoga as a preparation for meditation,” Magali explains. “Inner consciousness also means being aware of what we eat. That is why proper food plays an important role. A principle of Ayurveda is eating ingredients that are as fresh as possible.”

On the spacious grounds of the splendid Château Diter, relaxation will come almost naturally. The panoramic views from the rolling hills to the horizon, the sunlight dancing on the lawns, the terraces and water features of the estate… Once you arrive here, an intangible calmness permeates all the pores.

A three-day workshop (daily from 11am to 5pm, from Monday to Wednesday or from Thursday to Saturday, in May and June) costs 1,620€ per person including Ayurvedic and vegetarian lunch, limousine service and overnight stays at the Château diter are available on request.

Booking: +33 (0) 4 93 43 64 39 and



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