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Trophée Panerai: the Régates Royales de Cannes

The Régates Royales de Cannes takes place from 18th to 25th September. © James Robinson TaylorThe final stage in the Trophée Panerai, which began back in April, will be taking place in the Baie de Cannes and La Napoule from 18th to 25th September. Marrying elegance and competition, the event welcomes a plethora of stunning vessels for a week of racing out on the waters of the Mediterranean.

Moored along the Quai Laubeuf, near the world-famous Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, will be over fifty Dragons and an armada of 80 classic yachts, including several of 100 years old.

Just a week after the successful Cannes Yacht Show, the city and its visiting vessels will be back in the spotlight. According to organisers: “This year, the fleet will be even more heterogeneous with the addition of over twenty 5.50 MI, the boat conceived in 1949, that will have their own three days' event (21st to 23rd September) after joining the fleet from Switzerland's Société Nautique de Genève that organises its traditional seawater regatta on Sunday 18th and Monday 19th September. 

For the rest of the classics, divided into seven classes according to size, age and rig, the event offers five full days of racing off the Lérins islands. A truly unique gathering, with some of the hugest and most famous boats from last century like the majestic Elena (55 metres, design by Nathanaël Herreshoff), Cambria (40 metres, design by William Fife), Moonbeam of Fife (31 metres, design by William Fife). This year some yachts will also celebrate key anniversaries such as 110 years for Eva (17,50 metres, design by William Fife de 1906), the centenary for New York 40s, Rowdy and Chinook (19,87 metres, design by Nathanaël Herreshoff de 1916), 90 years for Hallowe’en (24,75 metres, design by William Fife) and 80 for Eilean (22,20 metres, design by William Fife).”