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Where golf meets art

Riviera Golf BarbossiHarmoniously integrated into the natural surroundings, Riviera Golf Barbossi can be appreciated by anyone with an eye for beauty. Here, the words ‘Sport is an art’ are typed on every score card.

On a beautiful spring day, we visited  and were thrilled from the very start. The entrance to the imposing clubhouse, supported by four powerful pillars, reflects the well-kept space inside. Lush plants, an impressively large terrace and a warm welcome in reception by the staff promise an excellent day on the course.

After finishing up with the usual formalities, we finally got outside for an early start time and began without delay. Since we had already studied the scorecard in advance and had determined that it was a relatively short course, we could hardly wait to get involved with the eight short (230 to 270m) Par 4 holes.

Later, it turned out that these courses - between tee-off and green - are indeed short distances, but the fairways are narrow with water obstacles and many bunkers are peppered across the green. Game strategy here is straight and short to avoid getting stuck!

As we progress through the course, it is clear that not only is art to be seen in the form of columns, statues and sculptures, but also in the artistic play of the golfer.

The course begins with very shallow fairways then three lanes wind past a small river, until the hilly part of the course comes into play. Seven holes uphill and downhill; it’ll bring on a sweat for an untrained golfer.

Wherever you are on the course and at whatever hole you have reached, there is always a spectacular view of the well-kept complex with its Mediterranean vegetation and the artistic objects scattered in amongst the flora and fauna.

After four hours of speedy play with many positive impressions of the place and after a refreshing shower in the exemplary well-kept sanitary facilities, we were spoiled on the beautiful terrace of the clubhouse culinary.

All in all, a great golfing day in a very well-run club with nice and friendly staff. Châpeau!  


Raimund Theobald